''The Awful Truth'' on video -- Michael Moore talks about his latest corruption expose

By Scott Brown
November 10, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

The Awful Truth

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The new global economy is churning out more muck than ever, so it’s a good thing guerrilla documentarian Michael Moore is around to rake it for us. Not afraid of a little shameless commerce himself, the CEO-hounding, ballcap-loving Michigander of Roger & Me, The Big One, and Lucky Numbers (his acting debut) sat down to plug the video debut of his corruption-exposing billionaire-bashing Bravo series, The Awful Truth.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and peg you for a Nader man.
The best thing [Gore] could do now is just throw his support behind Ralph Nader. He’s trying to sound too Republican by agreeing with Bush on all these things. He should be showing what the distinct differences are…if there are any. And if there aren’t, then the two of them should just merge.

Kind of like AOL and Time Warner?
Yeah, they’ve got a lot in common: a mutual belief in greed. And I say that with all due respect, considering that [Warner Bros.] did such a wonderful job releasing Roger & Me. I guess that makes you and me corporate brethren.

What would put Ralph over the top?
He should just stay exactly the way he is and talk about the real issues. All we keep hearing about are free prescription drugs for senior citizens. Hey, those people are on enough drugs.

You’re a ball-cap man…
Where I come from, that’s what everybody wears. That’s only pointed out by people in New York. If [you went there] you’d also see I’m the skinniest guy in Michigan.

Who exactly is The Man?
The Man is so all-encompassing that to go further with this conversation would be dangerous.

Sounds like the truth is pretty awful.
The truth is so awful that you may not hear it from our lips again. We end our season with a salute to Jack Welch, the CEO of GE, which owns 25 percent of Bravo. The salute is called ”Congratulations, You Bastard, Jack Welch.” It’s not exactly how you get renewed. So enjoy the DVD.

The Awful Truth

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