PamTV will capitalize on the actress' notorious online presence
Pamela Anderson
Credit: Anderson: Isabel Snyder/Corbis Outline

For devoted fans of Pamela Anderson, this is a time for sitting back, tapping on a keyboard, and reveling in the season’s bounty (by which we do not mean Thanksgiving dinner). Acolytes no longer need search hundreds of websites to satisfy their craving. The executive producer and uncommonly curvy star of the hit TV series ”V.I.P.” finally launched a site of her own on Oct. 2. Behold:!

Among the first things you see when you visit is a partially clad animation of Pam welcoming visitors with the line ”Hi, I’m Pam. I don’t think we’ve met. What’s your name?” Type in a name and the fun begins. First up: video clips of Pam. Or play an easy trivia game about the star (Hint: She’s graced nine U.S. Playboy covers) — and qualify to win a walk on role on ”V.I.P.” Pam also uses her new online HQ to both spotlight and critique her numerous fan sites. Ask her what else we’ll soon see at and she promises the kind of campy, unpredictable content that has come to define the onetime ”Baywatch” babe. Here, she elaborates.

Why have you launched It’s not a fan site, but more like an entertainment company, and we’re going to produce syndicated content to be shown over TV and in magazines later. That’s how we plan to make money, by syndicating programming that we create and produce on the site.

You’re calling it PamTV because…? We thought PamTV was a cool name people would be drawn to — and once they get there, there’s programming geared toward my personality. It may be funny, edgy, free spirited content. Hopefully, we’ll have other celebrities and actors involved as well.

About those fan sites — obviously, you like some. But what about the less flattering ones? I think the only way to control your image on the Net is to create your own. Hopefully, people will filter through these others and really see what’s going on. It’s a little aggravating, but I think this is the only solution.

Are you using your site to launch a new image? It’s not to change my image but to elaborate on it. People will get to know me better. It’s taking what I’ve created so far and exploiting that, and it’s an easier way to get in touch with fans.

Why did you decide against the Dennis Rodman- esque way of doing a site — you know, putting webcams in every room of your house? I think it’s too invasive, [although] there are going to be some times when I have cameras following me. I’m building this business so I can work less. I want to be in the background eventually. I don’t want it to be about me so much.

Is starting your own online entertainment company more fun than acting? I like being behind the scenes. I like producing ”V.I.P.” Being an actress is, well, I don’t think I’d want to be involved with anything again unless I’m producing it as well.

How long have you worked on this site? Hours. I take Fridays off of ”V.I.P.”, and I’m at the lot [of Digital Media Campus]. That’s all I do on Fridays, go down there and get really involved.

What kinds of things do you, personally, do online? I use email, but I’m not on the Web too much. When I go into the office, we search around and look for cool things. I’ve bought my books, music, videos, and DVDs online.

Who do you think will be logging on to When we were doing research for ”V.I.P.”, it ended up being 40 percent women and 60 percent men [who were watching the show]. I hope to have the same demographic on the site — almost half and half.

You know, a lot of the traffic on is women. Why do you think that is? I think women love women, love seeing women in powerful positions. It’s fascinating.