From the Backstreet Boys writing their own album to Celine Dion's tell-all, some horrifying events in the near future

By Reed Tucker
Updated October 27, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

With Halloween just around the corner, EW presents our guide to the ghoulish side of current entertainment, from the least to the most frightening. Read on, if you dare. (Insert evil laughter here.)

The Backstreet Boys’ writing their own music
The Broadway musical about Jesse Ventura
The things growing in Tom Hanks’ Cast Away beard
People who visit
Being an usher at next year’s Source Awards
Madonna’s faux British accent
The flood of Elian Gonzalez TV movies
What the cast of Survivor will be doing in a year
Celine Dion’s revelations about her sex life in new memoir
David Hasselhoff’s Spanish-language album
What Anna Nicole Smith did for that $449 million