Rosemary's Baby: Collector's Edition

”The great horror movie without any horror in it” is production designer Richard Sylbert’s apt description of Roman Polanski’s creepily suggestive gothic about a pregnant Manhattan bride (Mia Farrow) who suspects that everyone — her callow husband (John Cassavetes), her nosy neighbor (Ruth Gordon, bulldozing her way to an Oscar), even her obstetrician — is colluding to ensure that her child-to-be is touched by the devil. Using New York’s famed apartment house the Dakota for all its cavernous shadowiness, and exploiting the 23-year-old Farrow’s tremulous space-child vulnerability to underscore her terror and solitude, Polanski worked with an elegant restraint that less talented filmmakers have been trying to mimic ever since. The polished repackaging Rosemary’s Baby: Collector’s Edition includes interviews with Polanski, Sylbert, and producer Robert Evans as well as the trippy on-set featurette ”Mia and Roman.” A-

Rosemary's Baby: Collector's Edition
  • Movie
  • 136 minutes