The Latin hunk's tango with porn star Cassidey won't air as originally planned

By Lori Reese
Updated October 24, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Iglesias: Chris Ashford/Retna

Sad Eyes

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Last month, reported that popster Enrique Iglesias was planning to shock fans with a raunchy new video for his tune ”Sad Eyes.” But now it looks as though the image changing experiment has been nixed — at least for now. The video — shot by notorious fashion photographer David LaChapelle and featuring a steamy bathtub scene with 19 year old porn star Cassidey — was supposed to be out by Oct. 1. But an MTV rep tells that it hasn’t even been submitted to the network for review.

Iglesias’ label, Interscope, didn’t return calls for comment. But it seems that SOMEBODY high up may have decided that the Latin hunk’s attempt to deflower his wholesome image went too far. We’ll report more details as they become available, but meanwhile check out our Sept. 12, 2000, story about the making of this kinky video…

Virgin Territory

Enrique Iglesias, who once joked to a journalist that he was a virgin, takes a badass Kid Rock-like turn in his next video ”Sad Eyes,” which features the Latin pop hunk frolicking with 19 year old adult video star Cassidey. The clip, which will hit MTV and VH1 by the end of the month, follows Enrique’s obsession with the self described ”porn chick,” whose doleful mug he spots in magazines, on TV, and on his computer screen. His softcore stalking comes to an, um, climax when boy finally meets up with girl and they get nekkid in a see through bathtub. ”It’s a total makeout scene,” Cassidey tells ”We look like we’re really gettin’ it on.”


Some industry observers think this steamy on camera fandango will give Enrique’s clean cut image a fresh edge, especially since he’s one of the first pop acts to go the ”porn star cameo” route. ”It’ll help him appeal to a demo that he hasn’t traditionally gotten before,” says Simon Glickman, senior editor at the music trade Hits. Teenage guys who’ve dismissed the 25 year old son of Julio as ”that pretty boy who all the chicks like” may now start thinking ”he’s the man.”

The clip, which is directed by zany fashion photographer David LaChappelle, will also increase Cassidey’s profile beyond the beaded off backroom of your neighborhood video hut. And while she doesn’t have plans to appear in any more music videos, she has very fond memories of the three day shoot, caressing Enrique’s ”buff, shiny chest” and listening to him joke ”maybe we should do this for real.”

During the taping, Cassidy even learned to like the tune — a cover of a Bruce Springsteen ballad — though she’s admittedly more of head-banging Slipknot fan. ”’Sad Eyes’ is one of those really catchy songs,” she explains. ”It was totally stuck in my head for the whole time I was working on the video. And now I even walk around the house naked singing the song.” Hmm… sounds like a scene for the uncensored director’s cut.
— Craig Seymour

Sad Eyes

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