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By EW Staff
October 20, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Mail from our readers

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who’s the naughtiest magazine of them all? Some readers think it’s EW, as scores wrote to chastise us for our photo of Titans troublemaker Yasmine Bleeth putting the squeeze on her costars in our Fall TV Preview. ”This picture is not only obscene; it is a portrayal of torture,” writes Susan Keysor Espenschied of Aliso Viejo, Calif. Others couldn’t get past the cover image to see what the brouhaha was about. ”I had a cheek-to-cheek smile when I saw Yasmine,” says Mark Sliwowicz of Pickering, Ontario. ”My day instantly got better.”

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Is anyone else getting confused by the new fall TV lineup? We have JAG on CBS and DAG on NBC on the same night. The WB’s Angel goes into direct holy battle with Fox’s Dark Angel in the same time slot. Speaking of angels, we also get to be ”touched by” one and live in the ”city of” one (both on the same network). We even have similarities within networks with NBC’s Dateline NBC and Deadline! Thanks for compiling the simple daily grids listing the new fall lineups. You have removed some of the confusion the networks have introduced into this television viewer’s life.
Rob Miller
Hamilton, N.J.

I was very disappointed by the photo of Yasmine Bleeth with Casper Van Dien and John Barrowman by Sam Jones. I think that the photo was tasteless and inappropriate for a family magazine like EW. I turn to your magazine for reporting on our entertainment culture because EW has always held itself to a standard just a little higher than the rest. I hope that this is not an indication of things to come. Please be a little more careful in the selection of pictures. Smut is easy. Anyone can do it. Show me the intelligence.
Ross Decker Jr.
Staten Island, N.Y.

I can’t wait for this upcoming season to be over. It’s looking like those new shows will probably all bomb except for a few. With no new shows really attracting me, I will stick with my regular shows instead of programs like Welcome to New York, Titans, The Street, Tucker, and Yes, Dear. Thanks for the warning.
Jeff Fulton
Boone, N.C.

Uh-oh Canada
I was excited to see coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival. But not two paragraphs in and I was ready to give up on the article. For the last time, we pronounce it ”out,” not ”oot.” I am so tired of this stereotype. Every Canadian I know says ”about,” not ”a boot.” Maybe next year you should cover the festival without taking cheap shots at what you perceive to be typical Canadian speech.
Sandra Senatore
Mississauga, Ontario

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