Katbot -- Illustrator Angela Martini created the comedy cartoon

By Nicholas Fonseca
Updated October 20, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Endless Daria reruns got you down? Take heart: Katbot (www.katbot.com) is here to help replenish your supply of cynicism. The snarky site, created by illustrator Angela Martini for Web-design firm Funny Garbage, chronicles the weekly mishaps of an alien cat sent to Earth to ”explore teen aggression levels.” Disguised as Lithuanian exchange student Katerina Bottynski, the indie-rock-loving feline winds up with the LeBore family in sleepy Hicksville, Long Island — not Manhattan’s Lower East Side, as she requested. ”She’s a little pissed,” laughs Martini, who used her own teen angst and old journals as fodder for Katbot’s misadventures, which include family dinners at Old Country Buffet and high school cafeteria encounters. You’ll also find Katbot’s diary and spycam footage of the LeBore pad. For now, there are no plans to unmask Katerina’s true identity, but Martini’s not averse to a plot twist: ”I used to watch a lot of The X-Files. It’s not a good thing to be an alien.”