October 20, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
We gave it an A-

By David Hochman

”Unschooled, alienated people in T shirts making a lot of noise” is how Greg Burk, lead singer of Dred Scott, describes punk rock in the DVD only documentary that’s part of the ”Filth and the Fury” disc. If it were only that simple. Punk rock is one of the most overanalyzed and yet misunderstood artforms of the last 50 years, which is what makes it such prime DVD material. The extra features on ”Filth,” a documentary pastiche from director Julien Temple that stitches together never before seen home movies of the Sex Pistols with archival footage from the time, go a long way toward making sense of what one observer here calls the ”mad, mean chaos of punk.”

In a particularly fascinating voiceover commentary, Temple explains that his ”scattershot” use of film and video clips in the documentary is actually an attempt to mirror the irreverent spontenaeity of punk itself. Punk, and the Pistols in particular, he says, had co-opted and then subverted one cultural element after another. He describes how Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious were really just borrowing from various strains of the media machine: the hippie movement, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, S&M, soccer hooliganism, ”Rocky Horror,” even Olivier in ”Richard III.”

Though the DVD extras here are limited to the commentary and the mini documentary, both are solid enough to make this an essential disc not just for punk aficianados, but for anyone interested in rock & roll. As for those who still don’t get punk, well, as director Penelope Spheeris (”The Decline of Western Civilization” parts I-III) says in the disc’s minidoc, ”If you don’t know what punk rock is, then f— you.” Somehow that sums things up nicely.
Special features: A-

Disney’s been touting the ”Toy Story” three pack DVD as the buy of the year, and it’s certainly hard to beat this Woody and Buzz extravaganza in terms of extra features. In fact, this is one of those DVDs that takes the format to a new level. The overall effect of the three disc set is a little like having the entire Pixar – Disney team assembled in your living room for the night. Disc 1 kicks off with the original ”Toy Story” and the Academy Award winning five minute short ”Tin Toy” — an early template for the Woody and Andy characters. Disc 2 has ”Toy Story 2” along with ”outtakes” like Rex crashing his head into the vent and Woody getting stuck in a roll of tape. ”Luxo Jr.” is the Oscar nominated 1996 short starring a couple of hopping desk lamps that marked Pixar’s debut. But it’s the third disc that really delivers. After introductions by the filmmakers, there’s a history of ”Toy Story” and ”Toy Story 2” that takes in character design, story development, music, sound and concepts ultimately abandoned. There’s plenty of deleted animation and early tests for Woody and Buzz. But wait, there’s more! Original treatments, storyboard pitches, storyboard to film comparisons, animation production progression memos, original song demos, even a guide to hidden jokes. The only thing that could have been better was having Steve Jobs himself show up at the door.
Special features: A+

Here’s EW.com’s guide to other notable DVD releases

Oct. 17:

American Pimp
(1999, MGM, 87 mins., R, $19.98) Brush up on the 15 Pimp Commandments in this Hughes Brothers’ documentary about the men who really are big pimpin’. SPECIAL FEATURES Interviews, interactive menus, scene access

Keeping the Faith
(2000, Touchstone, 129 mins., PG-13, $29.99) Or, ”Meet the Clerics.” In this screwball romantic comedy directed by Edward Norton, he and Ben Stiller play a priest and a rabbi whose friendship and faith are tested when they both fall for Jenna Elfman. SPECIAL FEATURES Audio commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, interviews, cast/crew bios, interactive menus, scene access

Legends of the Fall: Special Edition
(1994, Columbia TriStar, 134 mins., R, $29.95) Sibling rivalry leads to tragedy when three, well, fairly good looking brothers — Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn, and Henry Thomas — all fall in love with the same woman, Julia Ormond. Poor woman. SPECIAL FEATURES Audio commentary, deleted scenes, separate film score audio track, featurette, production notes, cast/crew bios, theatrical trailer, interactive menus, scene access

Bob Roberts: Special Edition
(1992, Artisan, 102 mins., R, $24.98) A right wing folksinger runs an underhanded senatorial campaign in this satirical mockumentary starring, written, and directed by Tim Robbins. SPECIAL FEATURES Audio commentary, behind the scenes footage, photo gallery, production notes, cast/crew bios, theatrical trailer, TV spots, interactive menus, scene access

Oct. 24:

American Beauty: The Awards Edition
(1999, DreamWorks, 122 mins., R, $26.99) Look even closer now that the reigning best picture Oscar winner finally arrives on disc, though without the much talked about deleted scenes. SPECIAL FEATURES DVD-ROM features, audio commentary, storyboards, parental lock, interactive menus, featurette, cast/crew bios, theatrical trailer, scene access

The Patriot: Special Edition
(2000, Columbia TriStar, 165 mins., R, $27.96) To protect his enlisted son (Heath Ledger), Mel Gibson fights for freedom once again in this not so revolutionary Revolutionary War epic. SPECIAL FEATURES Deleted scenes, audio commentary, storyboards, photo gallery, featurette, cast/crew bios, interactive menus, theatrical trailer, scene access

The Skulls: Collector’s Edition
(2000, Universal, 117 mins., PG-13, $26.98) A fresh faced youngster joins an elite organization that can give him all the money and success he ever wanted — at a price. No, it’s not the WB network, but a Skull & Bones type secret college organization. Then again, the film does star two WB up and comers, ”Dawson’s Creek”’s Joshua Jackson and ”Popular”’s Leslie Bibb. Hmmm… SPECIAL FEATURES DVD-ROM features, deleted scenes, audio commentary, documentaries, cast/crew bios, production notes, theatrical trailer, interactive menus, scene access

U-571: Collector’s Edition
(2000, Universal, 117 mins., PG-13, $26.98) Matthew McConaughey commands this WWII adventure about an American submarine crew racing to steal a pivotal encryption device from a Nazi U-boat. All in a day’s work. SPECIAL FEATURES Audio commentary, documentaries, interviews, cast/crew bios, interactive menus, theatrical trailer, scene access, outtakes

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