From today's Britney Spears posters to vintage Grateful Dead banners, where to find wall art online

By Liane Bonin
Updated October 13, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Before she was a raving nutball on Letterman, Farrah Fawcett was the most popular pinup of the ’70s, showcasing that toothy Texas smile on more than 8 million bedroom walls. These days, vintage poster art is a collectible, and Farrah’s signature shot is white-hot on the Web. Sites are offering the hard-to-find poster for anywhere from $35 to $300 (autographed).

Farrah’s not alone. Other faded stars’ posters are as hot as — or hotter than — the former Charlie’s Angels. Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker pose, which sold for a measly buck back in ’76, recently netted a Force-ful $1,200. But even if you can’t shell out the big scratch for an original, the Internet has plenty of sites specializing in more recent prints. With some prices well under the $20 mark, why not stock up on Christina Aguilera posters now, so you can cash in when her Where Are They Now? VH1 special airs?

Anna Kournikova is going cheap! Posters of the baseline babe cost just $6.99 on this Canadian site, but the house specialty is Maxim-ready poses by bikini-clad actresses like Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy. That’s no reason to overlook the teenybopper idols (Sarah Michelle Gellar), TV posters for cult faves (Wonder Woman), and WWF wrestlers. Prices are rock-bottom, so knock yourself out: Get both of those Nitro Girls posters!

Not only does this site provide The Sopranos with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Britney Spears pinups for Anthony Jr.’s room, it has a huge selection of vintage reprints (Doris Day for $8.99) and current hotties (Ben Affleck for $6.99). Call the Colorado-based store for scoop on behind-the-counter collectibles.

MOVIEMARKET.COM prides itself on its massive poster collection. The catch? Sifting through all of it. Luckily, the site’s mega-search engine is up to the job. Patient shoppers can find babes ranging from Betty Grable (a $130 Coney Island poster) to Jennifer Lopez (a $16 print of her Vibe magazine cover). Best of all, the site posts a handy top 10 list of search requests, so you can rest easy knowing you aren’t the only idiot shelling out $5 for a hot Pamela Anderson pinup.

Sure, this site is jam-packed with mint film posters from Poland, Yugoslavia, and Argentina. But if a $200 poster for the Czech translation of Ingmar Bergman’s Cries and Whispers is too highfalutin for you, check out the site’s celebrity section for a Sandra Bullock lingerie pin-up, a Melrose Place, and a 27” x 39” Boba Fett ($20 each). You’ll also find pages devoted to Elvis, the Beatles, and that scaliest of studs, Godzilla.

Gotta love this huge auction site: eBay’s where you’ll find autographed Backstreet Boys pinups, 145 Grateful Dead posters, and even a giant shot of the original Richard Hatch (the one from Battlestar Galactica, silly). And with Britney Spears boasting more than 34 listings in the poster department, true fans can finally create the wallpaper they’ve been dreaming of.