Differences between wearers of Eminem- and Christina-Aguilera- branded apparel were the subject of a recent survey

By Fred Schruers
Updated October 13, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Deep down, fundamentally, what distinguishes the Eminem fan from the Christina Aguilera follower? To answer that question, and get some sleep at night, check out the survey conducted by the business-to-business e-commerce site iswag.com, which polled 423 teens nationwide to see who wears what in the logo-merchandising world. Among its findings:

Kids wearing Britney Spears-brand merchandise were three times more likely to go to summer school than teens who sport Limp Bizkit garb.

Eighty-one percent of teens donning Eminem clothing said they keep to their parents’ curfew, versus 34 percent of teens in Christina Aguilera threads.

Kids sporting three different branded character logos were asked if they had experimented with the drug Ecstasy. Disney wearers came in at 13 percent, Warner Bros. at 19 percent, and South Park (gee, really?) was at 24 percent.