From a site explaining Dennis Miller's allusions to a sneak peek at 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas,' a weekly spin on the Web

By Cable Neuhaus
October 06, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
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SOLID BUILDUP Begin with a couple of sexy ladies who own some sturdy tools, a videocam, and a catchy domain name. Gather ’em together and you’ve got? If you live within shouting distance of the Hollywood sign, you’ve got an agent for sure. An agent who thinks he can parlay your little instructional videos into a TV show — ”a cross between a sitcom and This Old House,” says Sirena Irwin, a Southern California actress who, with partner Ana Yazdi-Head, stars in the programs. Irwin, who has been a guest on Ellen and other shows, says their agent ”is talking to networks about creating a show” because — well, if you’re pretty and live in L.A., why not?

ON THE ROCKS Among the early Survivor parodies is one that pits the band Survivor against REO Speedwagon on a desert island. The short, which you can see at, is the work of writer- director Tariq Jalil. Says Jalil: ”We were trying to figure out who would really be unsuitable for a desert island. The answer was obvious — an ’80s rock band.” The film, explains its creator, ”is a shot-by-shot recreation of the TV show, but with bigger hair.”

BEING DENNIS MILLER has finally found a way to compete with — and vanquish — Seriously. Each Tuesday afternoon the site posts ”The Annotated Dennis Miller,” a seriocomic, albeit carefully documented, explanation of Miller’s wildly adventurous cultural metaphors from the previous day’s Monday Night Football. (Dennis on the Jets-Pats game: ”I haven’t seen murkier bloodlines than this since the house of Plantaganet.”) tells us what Miller said, the likely historical/literary reference, and what he might have meant.

ADS INFINITUM If your ultimate turn-on is watching Bush and Gore parry in their race for the White House — and who isn’t riveted by this contest? — you might want to check out ”The Living Room Candidate,” an online exhibition featuring nearly 200 presidential-campaign TV commercials from 1952 to 1996, with links to the 2000 campaign sites. It’s at, a site run by the American Museum of the Moving Image.

STEAL AWAY The official site for Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas ( provides a nice little trailer and a movie poster. Standard fare. If you want more of Jim Carrey’s big holiday feature, go to the French site, where you’ll find photo stills from the highly anticipated movie.

ON TARGET And now, the Net-savvy celeb: Rosanna Arquette, Todd Rundgren, Iman, even Rhonda Shear (Rhonda Shear!) have posted some of their favorite Web bookmarks at’s new celeb area. There we learn that is a favorite of Amy Grant’s: ”[A]ll the great stuff … no parking problems!”

PEACE OUT The Nervous Dog, a new satirical webzine, reports that ”due mostly to the recent disintegration of peace talks between both the Palestinian and Israeli leadership, The Walt Disney Corporation has decided to cancel plans for the much anticipated Gaza Disney.” The decision was agonizing, according to a Disney exec cited by The Nervous Dog, because of the realization that Mr. Toad’s Wailing Wall might never open.

MTV names the winner of a $1 million drawing, which you can enter by downloading Offspring’s single ”Original Prankster” ( The prize is being paid by the band.

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