Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers, 'Whipped,' and more

By EW Staff
Updated September 29, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Mail from our readers

Refugees from Teen Beat took time out of their busy TRL-watching schedules to write us a few letters about Jakob Dylan’s smoldering cover shot on our Fall Music Preview (#558, Sept. 8). ”When I opened my mailbox, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” coos Ginger Sitler of Augusta, Ga. But it was another teen dream — the brothers Hanson — whose fans rushed to the rescue after we called them summer losers. ”I don’t think a great album with low sales deserves a spot on your list,” sighs Jennifer Trabisco of Staten Island, N.Y. And Erin Bryant of Indianapolis points out: ”Multiple boy bands and mini-divas have proved selling records doesn’t necessarily indicate talent.” Maybe not, but are those ‘N Sync guys cute or what?

Wallflower Power

Thank you for doing a cover story on the Wallflowers. It’s nice to have a breath of fresh air after all of the boy bands and pop princesses.
Christine Shook
Knoxville, Tenn.

I would like to commend you for putting one of the greatest musicians of my lifetime on the cover. There are plenty of Wall-nuts out there who love them for content; then again we all have our weaknesses for the guys. I am ecstatic that the Wallflowers have come back into the limelight and have had a little push from you.
In short, the cover was beautiful, the article was capricious, and the layout charming. We love you EW, and we love the Wallflowers.
Dana Holt
Tempe, Ariz.

Winning Losers

I thoroughly enjoyed your summer winners and losers list except for one thing. How could you possibly include Hanson as one of the losers? Though their sales for This Time Around are not anything to throw a party over, these boys have obviously proved their talent. I think Hanson should have been on your winners list, for refusing to let someone else take control of their music, and for having the courage to put out an exceptional album in a market saturated with bland teen pop and already cliché rap.
Taylor Hedequist

Whipping Boy

At the end of your review of the film Whipped, you hinted at the twist ending. Bad. Whip.
You might have mentioned that fans of Sex and the City would be enamored with this gender-bending twist on HBO’s top comedy show. Whip.
True there are a few gross scenes keeping in step with this summer’s trend but an ”F” is certainly harsh for this hip Generation XY tale by auteur Peter M. Cohen. Consider yourself … whipped.
Stephen Levy
Las Vegas

Sue Process

My friends and I were dying with laughter over Sue’s language usage in her tirade against Kelly. Thanks so much, for allowing us to do fabulous imitations of her by printing her hilarious rant. And thanks, Sue, for saying it in the first place!
Dawn Cerny
San Antonio

Too Long Island

For the love of God, let Survivor go. Everyone else has.
Eric P. Esparza

Gibe and Wail

I’m surprised at the negative association EW makes with the banner of ”Loser of the Week” under Brian Setzer’s caricature. Just a couple of weeks ago your reviewer gave the album a ”B-.” The new CD Vavoom! incorporates more rockabilly and doo-wop than swing, and anyone who has caught him touring across the country with the band for the past five years or so would agree that BSO is not just swing. To try and sew an ID label on cat daddy Setzer’s music would be as difficult as trying to get him to wear those pointy-toed, unhip swinger shoes and flared trousers your artist depicts him in.
Buffy McKay

Corrections: Hanson’s ”If Only” (from their album This Time Around) hit No. 1 on MTV’s Total Request Live 27 times this summer before being retired after making the Top 10 list for 65 days. The Original Kings of Comedy opened on 847 screens earning a $13,051 per-screen average — a record for Spike Lee. However, many movies that open in very limited release earn significantly higher per-screen averages. The photo illustrating our review of the site came from


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