EW is there as the ''Thong'' songster creates ''The Golden Child's [V.I.P.] edit''

By Noah Robischon
Updated September 25, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Sisqo: Chris Cuffaro/Corbis Outline

Sisqó squints his eyes and leans into my laptop to get a better view of a postage stamp size video clip from ”Thong Song,” his signature tune. A gaggle of Day Glo bikini clad dancers jiggle into view. ”Oh, that’s hot,” says the platinum haired crooner as he double clicks it into a bin full of clips, animations, and photos that will soon be used to make an online music video for his ballad ”Incomplete.” Everybody wanted the girls from ”Thong Song” to appear right at the beginning, he says, ”to see the one girl with the big breasts over and over again.”

Soon, all of us will be able to choose how much (or little) T&A appears, thanks to a Web based music video editing program called Videolab. This is how it works: First, you select from a series of short video clips, animations, and still photos, and then Videolab helps you arrange them in time to a song. The current crop includes Papa Roach’s metal heavy ”Last Resort,” Busta Rhymes’ funk inspired ”Fire,” Everclear’s alterna rocking ”Wonderful,” and Sisqó’s ”Incomplete.”

Video and image choices are a bit slim now. Sisqó, who took time out from recording his new album with Dru Hill to goof around with the website, had to splice spicy ”Thong Song” video clips with the love tune ”Incomplete.” But that won’t always be the case: As the Internet forces the music industry to think beyond just selling CDs, services like Videolab — where fans artistically interact with their favorite performers and each other — will become more common.

Sisqó surprises me by choosing a screen of animated throbbing hearts for his video. ”You got to put the heart in there,” Sisqó says. ”Booty’s for the dudes, and the heart’s for the chicks.” With all the raw materials in place, Sisqó attempts a master edit. As ”Incomplete” begins playing, he clicks on the assorted clips in time to the boom-sha beat. There are also six ”wipe and fade” options to use as transitions between the different visual elements, making his editing as challenging as a videogame. When he doesn’t get it right the first time, he starts over from the top because there’s no way to fix a mistake in the middle. Which is why it takes Sisqó nine tries to create ”The Golden Child’s [V.I.P.] edit.” (You can watch it on the website.) But that’s what makes it fun, too.

Finally, Sisqó deftly matches the lyric ”all of the women” with a clip of those Day Glo bikini clad dancers, and accents his ”lonely fool” line with a forlorn looking photo. Granted, no one will confuse the Golden Child’s quirky edit with the flash of an MTV production. But after a month of watching the same stale videos on television, those cheesy throbbing hearts are almost refreshing.