September 22, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

From the oversexed, silver-studded bartenders in Coyote Ugly to Christina Aguilera‘s naughty-but-nice rhinestone-enhanced ensemble in her latest video, ”Come On Over Baby,” shimmery fashions abound. The rage for rhinestones, grommets, and stud appliqués is yet another nod to ’80s glam and punk, and it’s creating a huge demand for the Bedazzler, a do-it-yourself studder that’s become a top seller on websites like UV115. com. ”Everything can be Bedazzled,” says site cofounder David Alhadeff, who thinks the look isn’t limited to girls. ”It can be done in a masculine way. Look at ‘N Sync. Everything they wear is Bedazzled.” Bringing new meaning to the term stud-muffin.

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