Domain names based on the cast of 'Survivor' were snapped up early in the season

By Ann Limpert
Updated September 22, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

They may be pros at dodging rats ‘n’ snakes on a tropical island, but some of the Survivor castaways sure dropped the ball in the tricky game of cybersquatting. After getting hooked on the show at the fourth episode, California-based software engineer Max Cooper rushed to register 8 of the 16 tribespeople’s domain names. Cooper has put up uniform pages for each site (, etc.) that allow fans to write to the castaways (the most popular page by far is Colleen’s). Luckily for the castaways, Cooper says that he’s not in it for a quick mil and that he’d probably hand over the names if the Survivors asked him to. ”When I was registering,” he says, ”one of the things that crossed my mind was that if I don’t get it and hold it for them, then somebody else will — and they may not be as nice.”