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By EW Staff
Updated September 22, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Mail from our readers

The tribe has spoken: Readers savored our Survivor cover (#557, Sept. 1), though a few wanted to vote us off the island for overkill. ”Thanks for the story on Survivor. You hardly hear anything about the show, and I wondered if anybody had won,” says Alan Light of Iowa City. Much of the mail buzzed about the oratory skills of Susan Hawk. ”She is the epitome of bad sportsmanship,” huffs Britta Van Dyke of Harker Heights, Tex. Away from Pulau Tiga, moviegoers expressed dismay at the sorry state of multiplexes. Michael Wandmacher of Topanga, Calif., says ticket prices aren’t the problem: ”You didn’t mention one ugly secret about moviegoing: exposure to virulent strains of babble-itis.” Sorry, we’ve been too busy trying to scrape the gum off our shoes.

Free Outlast

Thank you for your great cover story on Survivor. You nailed each personality right on the head. A special thanks to Lisa Schwarzbaum. I was beginning to think I was the only person alive who felt that Susan’s speech was justified. Critics like to point out that Survivor was ”just a TV show” every chance they get. I believe it was a little more than that. We all watched it because it was a change of pace from the prepackaged sitcoms that have been shoved down our collective throat.
Matthew S. Gruskievich

Kudos to Ken Tucker for his excellent analysis of Richard Hatch and his well-deserved Survivor win. Was Richard the target of thinly veiled homophobic press? You bet! [Additionally], for an America that is supposedly in the throes of an obesity epidemic, you’d think television viewers had never been exposed to love handles before. Who cares? [When reading part of] David Letterman’s Top Ten list, Hatch could not have been more succinct when he said, ”The human body is a beautiful thing!” Indeed! You go, Rich!
Marco E. Salinas

My choices for Survivor: The Movie:
Rich: John Lithgow
Sue: Frances McDormand
Rudy: Clint Eastwood
Kelly: Helen Hunt
Jenna: Jennifer Aniston
Sean: French Stewart
Gervase: Chris Rock
Gretchen: Ashley Judd
Colleen: Winona Ryder (or Katie Wagner)
B.B.: Charlton Heston
Joel: Matt LeBlanc
Ramona: Tyra Banks
Sonja: Olympia Dukakis
Greg: Ryan Phillippe
Stacey: Ally Sheedy
Dirk: Neil Patrick Harris
Jeff Probst: himself
Yes, my family is worried about me …
Ann-Marie Murrell

Marshall Arts

As a huge fan of Marshall Crenshaw since 1982, it was redeeming to finally see him get the credit he so much deserves, and David Browne’s review could not have said it any better! He is truly an undiscovered treasure in the world of rock & roll. Thanks for being such a cool magazine!
Chris Teesdale
Sturgis, Mich.

Animated Defense

Putting Princess Mononoke side by side with The Tigger Movie and giving them the same grade is unconscionable. It’s like equating filet mignon with a McDonald’s hamburger because they both contain beef. Mononoke is a complex, beautifully animated film for grown-ups that stretches the boundaries of the medium. The Tigger Movie is a commercial for plush toys. This is the second time EW has slighted Mononoke (the first an idiotic comparison to South Park). Wake up, EW. Mononoke is not Disney pabulum or shock humor, and should not be judged by either criterion.
Joshua T. Nite
Costa Mesa, Calif.


Is Jack Valenti out of his mind, saying that movies are cheap because they’re less than a rock concert, a basketball game, or a football game [in Josh Wolk’s story on multiplexes]? I’ll tell ya what, Jack, when actors start performing movies on stage in front of me, and I can then go hang out with them backstage, drinking complimentary champagne, then, and only then, will I happily pay $9.50 to see a movie. EW, I’m counting on you to tell old Jack where to stuff his stadium seats.
Andrew La Ganke
New York City

Corrections: Ad Rock’s lyric in the De La Soul song ”Squat” is ”You heard my word now, girl, you’ve played the preacher/Get on the mike if you love on the creature” (Music). Our Video review of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Artisan is releasing CBS’ 1997 two-hour movie version starring Ben Cross and Richard Crenna, executive-produced by Robert Halmi Sr.) mistakenly contained references to ABC’s miniseries of the same name. ABC’s four-hour version starred Michael Caine, Mia Sara, and Patrick Dempsey and was produced by The Frederick S. Pierce Co. and Village Roadshow. It aired May 11 and 12, 1997, and has not yet been released on video (#553, Aug. 4).

Princess Mononoke

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  • PG-13
  • 133 minutes
  • Hayao Miyazaki