September 22, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

No wonder they call them Moonmen. Granted, Madonna and Prince were miles away. Still, this year’s MTV Video Music Awards — held Sept. 7 in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall — was, pants down, the cheekiest ceremony in recent memory. Cohost Marlon Wayans dropped trou on stage. Britney Spears stripped to Showgirls-worthy skivvies during her sub-Atlantic City musical medley. Jim Carrey shook his bon-bon with glee. Then there was chart-topping rapper Nelly, whose perennial crotch-grabbing kept his low-riding pants from dropping to the floor. It’s almost enough to prompt this magazine to ask, Are there no limits? (Oh wait, we already did that.) A few other burning questions:

What were the little white objects that fell out of Eminem’s pockets at the podium?
His spokesman would say only that they were ”pills.” What kind of pills? ”With Eminem, anything’s possible.” Sounds shady.

What was up with spacey Macy Gray?
Moby stickered the podium with Gore/Lieberman propaganda, but Best New Artist winner Gray used her moment as a presenter to lobby — um, repeatedly — for ”my bush.” Was the neo-soul diva burning up over hosts Marlon and Shawn Wayans’ spoof of her ”I Try” video, in which the brothers suggested that her trademark ‘fro has an evil twin? ”I thought the bush thing was funny,” protests Gray. ”I get clowned a lot lately. It’s all good — I’ve got a gun if it gets out of hand.” That was a joke, right? Right?

Why did presenter LL Cool J need a cane?
The hobbled hip-hopper had a mishap while shooting the upcoming action remake Rollerball. ”I sprained my ankle doing a motorcycle stunt,” confesses LL, who was grabbing an actress from another cycle during a chase scene. Guess he won’t be walking like a panther anytime soon.

With additional reporting by Corey Takahashi

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