Plus the latest quotes from Renée Zellweger, Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman, and more

By Liane Bonin
Updated September 20, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
Will & Grace: Chris Haston

It’s all about the summer Olympics on NBC, which means the Emmy winning hit ”Will & Grace” won’t be returning to Must See TV until Oct. 12. But that hasn’t stopped star Eric McCormack from dreaming up some saucy ideas for his character’s love life this season. has his passionate ponderings plus the latest notable quotes from Hollywood.

? ”I want Will as a gay man to be dating hunky guys and having great relationships, but I want those relationships to be about three episodes long. I don’t want to mess with the essential recipe, which is these four people and how they connect.” — ”Will & Grace” star ERIC MCCORMACK on the secret to his Emmy winning show’s success

? ”I lasted at the Olive Garden for about a day. Before you can be a hostess you have to be the person who opens the door and says, ‘Thank you for coming to the Olive Garden!’ By the end of the night I didn’t have any skin left on the back of my pinkies from opening that door, because you’re supposed to do it with one arm. Not to dis the great salad and bread, but I wasn’t gonna make it, so I just moved on. — ”Nurse Betty” star RENÉE ZELLWEGER on her salad days as an aspiring waiter

? ”I never got paid much on ‘The Electric Company’ — it was public television. But I figure it this way: People who come up to me and say, ‘You taught me how to read,’ I feel like okay, it’s time for compensation. Give me your name and address, and you get an invoice from me.” — MORGAN FREEMAN, who next stars in ”Under Suspicion” (opens Oct. 22), on his plan to cash in on his beloved Easy Reader character

? ”I told myself that if I won another award I was determined to be more dignified and not break down on national television.” — HALLE BERRY on why her best actress Emmy acceptance speech for the HBO movie ”Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” was more polished than her weepy Golden Globe thank you

? ”I was at the first Source Awards where Tupac rushed the stage and kicked Q-Tip off the stage in the middle of his performance. Just imagine Bruce Springsteen singing at the Grammys and Bob Dylan drop kicks him and starts singing. It’s retarded.” — CHRIS ROCK on this year’s Source Awards, which were shut down due to violence

? ”I like it when there is something ambiguous about who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. I don’t like pictures that lead my emotions, like when you go to a movie and the girl and the guy see each other, and they KNOW, and the music swells to this crescendo. I hate that, some actor crying and some shit. I don’t want that. Give me something to think about, you know.” — ”Get Carter” star JAMES CAAN, who’s played heroes, villains, and all things in between