offers a direct view into the lives of Arizona prisoners

This isn’t your father’s Survivor — but it may have to do until the second Survivor hits the airwaves. In July, introduced the titillating Live Jail Cam on its website, where you can watch guards search detainees, for example, or occasionally see what the site calls ”sexually inappropriate behavior.”

Civil liberties advocates immediately blasted Jail Cam for compromising prisoners’ privacy. ”The argument of rights violation is bulls—,” counters John Langley, who helps run and is best known as producer of TV’s COPS. ”It’s a matter of public record.” Besides, people seem to love it. It registers 2.5 million hits daily and has attracted numerous (mostly positive) emails from around the world.

The Jail Cam streams from Arizona’s Maricopa County prison. Now, says an unapologetic Sheriff Joe Arpaio, ”people walking in for soliciting prostitution can wave to their wives.”