Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union talk about the film's cheerleading lingo

Sure, Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union have the miniskirted moves to be champion cheerleaders in the new hit Bring It On. But do they have the lingo? We asked the stars, both former pom-pom carriers, to define some of the film’s high-flying terms.

SWEATER MONKEYS (n.) A derogatory term for cheerleaders. ”I love this one,” says Dunst, who rooted for North Hollywood’s Laurel Hall Hornets. ”We really look like sweater monkeys, our limbs flying everywhere in those damn polyester outfits.”

PINCH A PENNY (v.) To clench the buttocks so tightly a penny could fit between the cheeks. ”That’s definitely a real cheer-ism,” recalls Union of her days on the Harvest Park Warriors squad in Pleasanton, Calif.

CHEER SEX (n.) A titillating performance for someone special in the stands. ”It’s about connecting with one person and totally flirting,” explains Union. ”When I was a cheerleader, I was focusing on my own performance — more like cheer masturbation.” Dunst admits: ”Our team never went that far — although we did have a cheer about the horny Hornets that got banned. It was a Lutheran school.”

SPIRIT FINGERS (n.) Twiddling of sparkle-enhanced digits to accent moves. ”The girls in my high school actually did this one,” remembers Dunst. ”We called it ‘drying our nails.”’

SPIRIT STICK (n.) A sacred baton that must never touch the ground. ”In the South … it’s a huge thing to be elected to hold the stick — like Miss America,” Union says. ”If you drop it, you’re like Vanessa Williams.”

Bring It On
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