Music trio House of Pain is considering a reunion

By Tom Sinclair
Updated September 08, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
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THIS OLD HOUSE Six years after House of Pain’s last album, word on the street is the rowdy trio — Everlast, DJ Lethal, and Danny Boy — is pondering a reunion. ”We’re talking about it,” confirms Everlast, now a big solo star and buddy of Carlos Santana’s. ”Although we’re all kind of content with our careers, we want to work with each other again.” No firm dates have been set to begin recording an album, but Everlast predicts ”it will be unlike any other House of Pain record, because we’ve all grown so much artistically.” Artistic growth, huh? Guess that means we can forget about hearing ”Jump Around: The Millennium Mix.”

‘SPACE’ OUT Given Hollywood’s penchant for leaving no obvious marketing tie-in unexploited, you might expect the Steve Miller Band’s 1969 chestnut ”Space Cowboy” to have been a shoo-in for Space Cowboys, Clint Eastwood’s current geezers-in-space film. Yet the tune is conspicuous in its absence from both the movie and the soundtrack album. Music supervisor Matt Pierson admits the song was a serious contender for inclusion. ”When I had my first conversation with Clint, we talked about using it,” says Pierson. ”But we decided neither of us really liked it! Nothing against Steve Miller, but the characters in the film are all older guys, more country and jazz types.” One pop tune Pierson had hoped to include was David Bowie’s ”Space Oddity”: ”My idea was to have Jim Carrey do it. I thought it would be a real riot for the end credits, but we couldn’t pull it off.” Sounds like fun, but, personally, we’d prefer to see Carrey break-dancing to Billy Preston’s ”Outa-Space.”

Space Cowboys

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