Keanu Reeves talks about his haircut, while Faith Hill talks about recording a duet with husband Tim McGraw

By EW Staff
September 08, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

”[We] weren’t groping each other; we spared people in the studio … [It’s] a very … sensual song. It was a special moment for us; it was nice just being in there together, doing it — the song.”
Faith Hill on making the steamy duet video ”Let’s Make Love” with her husband, Tim McGraw, on

”It’s my porcupine cut. Actually, I’m thinking about it for the character I’m playing in Hardball … a baseball coach for a bunch of inner-city kids. Somebody said I look like a bad version of Don King.”
Keanu Reeves on his current ‘do, on E! Online