Answers to your questions about the reality show

Those island spirits that Survivor host Jeff Probst loved to invoke don’t give up their tropical secrets easily, which is why we set out to uncover some of the remaining mysteries from the show’s final episode.

How much coaching did Rudy, Kelly, and Rich receive before their bare-footed fire walk?
”I asked them all to imagine the person they’d like to be after winning the show,” says Survivor consultant Bill Bastian, president of Sparks Development, a San Francisco-area company that trains corporate executives to walk on hot coals as an empowerment ritual. During a short training/inspiration session, Bastian told the Survivors to ”let go of something from your past and you’ll be able to make it across.” Rudy’s response: ”I’m 72 years old. I’m not letting go of nothing.”

During the finale’s first Tribal Council, both Rudy and Sue received two votes apiece. What would have happened if Kelly hadn’t switched her vote and kicked Sue off the island?
”We would have had [the two nominees] do a physical challenge to break a tie,” says co-executive producer Craig Piligian. ”Of course, I can’t tell you what it would have been because we might use it again.”

Was there anything cut from Susan’s delightful anti-Kelly rant?
While her overall speech was trimmed down, ”we definitely didn’t cut anything from [the snakes and rats part],” says Piligian. ”How could we?”

What did Colleen mean on Survivor: The Reunion when she said, ”Nothing happened [between Greg and me]. I was covering for another relationship going on”?
”Colleen likes to say things with a note of sarcasm,” says a CBS source. ”There really weren’t any relationships between any of the contestants — including Greg and Colleen.” Though in interviews since the island, Rudy has said Jenna and a cameraman made an alliance off-island. ”It’s nothing we’re aware of,” says a CBS spokesman.

What was Sean talking about in his Tribal Council statement when he said Rich’s ”FNF idea — the Fat Naked Fag idea — was extraordinarily funny”?
”Rich talked about producing a naked calendar after he was done with the show,” says a CBS source who was on the island. ”Sean just thought it was a good idea.”

Was that real money in that ”million-dollar” treasure chest?
Uh, no.