From the cover of Madonna's 'Music' to 'Sex and the City''s fashion, Texas is showing up everywhere

By Nicholas Fonseca
Updated September 08, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Whether or not George Dubya lassos the White House, his home state is already hotter than a fried armadillo. Fans still pining for South Fork are looking forward to the return of Dallas diva Victoria Principal on NBC’s fall drama Titans. And in a sartorial nod to Texas’ fave soap, Sex and the City‘s Sarah Jessica Parker recently sported a jacket that read ”I shot J.R.,” while cheap-chic retailer H&M sells studded ”I don’t like Texas, I love it!” tees. Meanwhile, the cover of Madonna’s Music has a 10-gallon twist. Why is everyone messing with Texas? Tom Copeland, director of the Texas Film Commission, which has raked in $115 million this year as host to shoots for films like Pearl Harbor and Cast Away, chalks it up to pride. ”If you’re traveling abroad, you don’t say ‘I’m from the U.S.,”’ Copeland says. ”You say ‘I’m from Texas.’ I can’t speak for Rhode Island, but I don’t think people would be quite as impressed.” Just don’t let Survivor Rich hear that.