EW.com tells you about her character. One hint: It's neither rat nor snake

By Lynette Rice
September 07, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
Hawk: Kevork Djansezian/AP
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Looks like her infamous rant ’round the campfire has finally paid off: Susan Hawk — a.k.a. the tough talking truck driver on ”Survivor” — has landed a guest spot on NBC’s new sitcom ”DAG.” The comedy stars David Alan Grier as a Secret Service man to the First Lady (Delta Burke). Hawk will play a drill sergeant who runs a special training course for the Secret Service team. She’ll show up in episode 4 of the comedy, which is tentatively slated to debut Oct. 31.

Though CBS prefers that the Survivors not appear in prime time shows on competing networks through Dec. 31, the Eye granted Susan’s request to appear on ”DAG.” ”She was very nice in person when she read for us,” says Jack Burditt, cocreator and executive producer of the show. ”She’s not an actor, of course, but she got funnier every time. We’ll just fill her dialogue with Sue-isms. She’s just going to be mean.”

This is Hawk’s first guest starring role, but it certainly isn’t the first time one of the Survivors has made his or her acting debut on the small screen. Gervase Peterson was initially tapped by UPN’s ”The Hughleys” before later being asked to join Joel Klug and Jenna Lewis for cameos on CBS’ ”Nash Bridges.” Jenna also scored an appearance on UPN’s new drama ”Freedom.” Winner Richard Hatch, meanwhile, is set to tape a spot on CBS’ ”Becker,” while Rudy Boesch will show up on ”JAG” and Sonja Christopher on ”Diagnosis: Murder.” But, hey, if you can’t wait to get your ”Survivor” fix, tune into Sunday night’s Emmy broadcast: 10 of the cast members are attending the ceremony.

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