Al Gore's daughter Kristin writes for 'Futurama,' while George W. Bush's cousin Billy hosts a radio show

By Clarissa Cruz
Updated September 01, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

For those who’ll miss First Rocker Roger Clinton, fear not: Both current presidential contenders have kin in showbiz. Billy Bush, 28, a cousin of George W., hosts a zany radio show on D.C.’s Z-104. ”Elect George W. Bush,” deadpans Billy. ”He’s going to appoint me as the head of the FCC.” Meanwhile, the Veep’s daughter Kristin Gore, 23, writes for Fox’s Futurama — and sometimes for her dad. When he appeared on Leno, she scripted the line about what the family does for fun: sit around and make jokes about Leno. So will Kristin be the official White House jester? ”He hasn’t asked for a job interview yet,” she says. And in her view, he may not need help: ”It’s important to have a funny president, and he fits the bill.” Funny weird, or funny ha-ha?