The week's best internet quotes -- ''X-Men'''s Anna Paquin, ''Spin City'''s Charlie Sheen, and ''The Patriot'''s Jason Isaacs talk about life as actors

By EW Staff
August 18, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

”I worked so long with Holly Hunter, Sam Neill, and Harvey Keitel that I’m not sure I ever want to see those sex scenes they did! But those guys are like my surrogate parents, and there are some things you never want to see your parents doing.”
X-Men‘s Anna Paquin, on her reluctance to watch parts of her 1993 movie The Piano, on

”I wanted to change my lifestyle a little bit health- wise. It’s pretty much a fish and nicotine diet. That’s the secret!”
Spin City‘s Charlie Sheen on his recipe for clean living, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”I play [the heroine’s] best mate, who’s a drag queen. I get to wear modern clothes from Barneys, and also an extremely tight corset, some rather large breasts, and some great false nails…. Loading and firing a musket is all very well, but nobody ever teaches you how to pull up pantyhose with false nails on.”
The Patriot‘s Jason Isaacs on his role in the upcoming feature Sweet November, on EW Online