Sean Kenniff -- ''Survivor'''s neurologist is fielding everything from a commentating spot on Fox News to a ''Guiding Light'' episode


Sean Kenniff, Survivor‘s alphabetizing neurologist, is hoping to vote himself onto the magic isle of celebrity-hood. The 30-year-old Long Island doctor quit practicing medicine in January to work full-time on getting famous. In addition to the CBS reality show, Kenniff, who now has three agents, says he’s being courted as a commentator on Fox News Channel and will appear on an upcoming Guiding Light playing a doctor. Oh yes, and he’s also written a novel.

Skitzo is his 360-page, sexually graphic psychological thriller about two rival schizophrenia experts who get in trouble when they team up for a secret experiment that calls for one of them to become psychotic. ”I love the stranger parts of medicine,” says Kenniff, who wrote his med-school thesis on plastic surgery for transsexuals. Here’s a sample:

”Jack, are you trying to French me?!” Casper shouted underneath the door. He stuck his own tongue underneath the door, and attempted to meet the purple invader. A little tongue action never hurt anyone. And another sample: Ellen groaned into the pillow…. ”There’s no such thing as safe sex,” he whispered into her ear.

No publisher has bitten yet, but Kenniff is displaying his usual confidence. ”Based on the luck I’ve had this year,” he says, ”I’m sure it’ll be a best-seller.”