The Bush campaign movie -- We review the Republican propaganda film ''George W. Bush: The Sky's the Limit''

By EW Staff
Updated August 18, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Democrats had their 1992 blockbuster Bill Clinton: The Man From Hope. Now, the Republicans have debuted George W. Bush: The Sky’s the Limit at their convention. EW critic Bruce Fretts offers his take on the nine-minute flick:

On the surface, it seems like standard propaganda: images of sunrises, American flags, and heterosexual Boy Scouts over truckloads of voter-friendly pabulum (”I’m a person who likes to smile”). But look closer. What’s with the lighting? (Doesn’t Bush know showing his face in half shadow makes him look sinister?) And why does footage of G.W.B. happily pitching horseshoes accompany a voice-over about his sister Robin’s death?

Dubya’s tangled syntax makes his message even harder to discern. The point of his story about mentoring an inner-city child gets lost in the translation (”His mom looked like she was on drugs, and there was a bunch of hanger-on-ers and smoke-filled…” Huh?).

Maybe it’s all designed to confuse viewers. Then they’ll be too dazed to question the shots in the final montage of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., who I’m pretty sure weren’t Republicans. With this kind of empty electioneering, it’s too bad the title Hollow Man was already taken. C-