The ''Space Cowboys'' star dropped trou without trepidation

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Who does Donald Sutherland think he is, Mel Gibson? In ”Space Cowboys,” Sutherland and his AARP card carrying costars James Garner, Clint Eastwood, and Tommy Lee Jones famously expose their naked backsides for all to see. ”It’s magnificent,” says the 65 year old actor. ”There’s 250 years of ass up there on the screen.” (Actually, it’s 260 — but who’s counting?)

Of course, Sutherland offered a memorable rear view in ”National Lampoon’s Animal House.” ”That shot… wasn’t supposed to be in the movie,” Sutherland protests. ”This one I knew was coming.” But which geezer butt will most impress audiences? ”Not his,” insists Garner of Sutherland’s derriere. ”I have the best of the bunch.”

Space Cowboys

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