Before their new sitcom launches tonight, MTV's fake boy band answers's 10 stupid questions

2Gether: The Series

Whoever thought the boys from the MTV movie ”2Gether” would reach such dizzying heights? The made for TV band of pretend popsters has just finished several real live gigs opening for the queen of teen pop herself, Britney Spears. And tonight at 10:30 p.m., MTV will air the premiere of a 13 episode spinoff sitcom, ”2Gether: The Series.” asked the prefab five — Evan Farmer (who plays Jerry O’Keefe), Alex Solowitz (Mickey Parke), Michael Cuccione (Jason ”QT” McKnight), Noah Bastian (”Chad Linus”), and Kevin Farley (”Doug Linus”) — to tell the truth about Britney, their fans, and the price of faux fame.

Been hanging with Britney much during the tour?
Well…. kind of. Basically, she stuck us in the parking lot.

You’re all actors. How seriously are you taking your new jobs as heartthrobs?
I think it’s funny that they asked us to tour, because we’re just a spoof. The joke’s kind of on everybody else. There’s a lot of opening acts for Britney. We were just one out of, like, 500. She’s a HUGE pop star.

Any career advice for Britney on how to shake off her history with the Mickey Mouse Club?.
We see her as being kind of like Alanis Morissette. Like, 10 years from now, she’ll go Goth.

Now that you get treated like stars, what kinds of demands do you make?
We actually work for beer. They said they’d give us money. But, no, all we want is a cooler of Coors Light.

There are five of you in the band. Why are you called 2Gether?
We tried to call ourselves 5gether. But, um, it didn’t work.

Do you ever suffer from Monkees envy?
No. Other primates, perhaps. Gorillas. But really, no. The Monkees had serious music. Our music is about, you know, sleeping with your sister’s sister.

What’s the difference between you and a band like ‘N Sync?
The difference is, anybody that listens to our music and takes it seriously needs help. Really, we’re not a boy band. We’re actors acting as a boy band. Kind of.

Yet you still make the girls squeal.
Of course. But they’re usually kind of laughing at the same time. It’s well rounded entertainment. Sort of like high school curriculums nowadays.

You have a song called, ”I Gave My 24/7 to You.” Wouldn’t most girls be happy with less? Say, 7/11?
Well, most girls would probably be satisfied with a 7/11, sure. But we like to give that extra level — the next level up.

How do you feel about reports that Britney Spears is going to marry Justin Timberlake?
That’s not true! She’s marrying our own Kevin Farley. And you can print that.

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