'Survivor' is everywhere — References to the reality show are popping up everywhere from Pamela Anderson's 'V.I.P.' to 'The Hughleys'

August 11, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Just as sure as the tides on Pulau Tiga, CBS’ Survivor is bringing waves of spoofs to fall TV. On V.I.P., Pamela Anderson competes on the fictitious Desert Island — and is saved by her security agency. Over at UPN’s The Hughleys, home repairs force the family and its neighbors to camp out in a backyard tent so cramped they decide to vote someone out. And on CBS’ JAG, the Navy rescues a woman who appears stranded on a raft — and ends up disqualified from a Survivor-like show. ”If [Who Wants to Be a] Millionaire was still No. 1, we would have probably spoofed Millionaire,” says JAG exec producer Don Bellisario. ”I’m sick of Millionaire.” But not as sick as we are of those hokey tribal councils.

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