Marlon Brando Gossip — We rate the truth of rumors about the 'Godfather' star

By Tricia Johnson
August 11, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Talk about the Wild One. A recent report claims that Marlon Brando arrived on the set of his new movie The Score naked from the waist down. While the film’s producers deny the bare essentials of the tale, the Godfather of Method acting has a longstanding rep for odd behavior. Here are five of the nuttiest Brando stories of all time, from his own biography as well as others’ accounts — with a handy rating scale (five nuts for the most squirrelly).

One bio says he pursued an elaborate Dial-a-Fart scheme in which callers would identify celebrity flatulence. [four nuts]

While filming 1962’s Mutiny on the Bounty, he was known to sport a sarong and wear a flower behind his ear. [two nuts]

Free Money director Yves Simoneau recalls a notable Brando ad-lib: chasing Charlie Sheen into a bathroom, then dipping his own head into a toilet. [four nuts]

The serial dieter reportedly sent nonfat yogurt to a lab to test its fat content. [one nut]

In his 1994 autobiography, Brando says he slept with a deranged female fan who thought he was Jesus Christ. [five nuts]