Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on 'X-Men,' Jon Bon Jovi, and more

August 11, 2000 at 12:00 PM EDT

Mail from our readers

What mutant persecution? Our human readers were thrilled to see Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos oozing X appeal from our cover. ”Bryan Singer brought the X-Men to life in a way many have only dreamed of,” writes Carina Hudek of Chula Vista, Calif. But Owen Gleiberman’s so-so review left some angrier than Sabretooth on a bad hair day. ”[He] has yet to grasp the very essence of the comic-book world,” snipes Chris Ozereko of Tampa. Eighties pop-metal fans, meanwhile, gave their acid-washed approval to our Jon Bon Jovi profile. Writes Michaelle LeManne of Calgary: ”Thank you, Jon, for creating the theme songs of many memories.” Like, say, standing in a crowded arena holding up a lighter?

State of X-Citement

EW’s story about X-Men was definitely worth the wait, [especially] the cover shot of sexy stars Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos! But your article (”Generating X”) about the hardships of making the movie really clinched it. All I have to say to Bryan Singer is ”All the praise, all the praise” for a wonderful and thought-provoking summer blockbuster.

Michelle M. Mitchell

Melrose Park, Ill.

I was shaking with excitement at your cover with Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. In my teens I faithfully collected the X-Men comics. You can only imagine my anticipation and expectation for Bryan Singer’s adaptation. After seeing [the film] I felt compelled to write this letter so Singer could know what a brilliant job he did!

John Lee

Astoria, N.Y.

After seeing X-Men, I’m sad to say that Bryan Singer fails to deliver the goods. I’m sure that had he put his mind to it, he could have found a way to keep Hugh Jackman shirtless for the entire movie instead of for only three or four scenes. Maybe then I would have seen X-Men six times instead of four!

Isabel Grocut

Narragansett, R.I.

Casting Spells

My friends and I came up with a few [Harry Potter] casting suggestions. Patrick Stewart is the perfect Albus Dumbledore. And how about Bebe Neuwirth as Professor Minerva McGonagall? She can do strict and severe, and she has the feline grace one would expect in an Animagus. As to Tim Roth as Snape, we are in total agreement!

Wanda Schwartz

Santa Rosa, Calif.

Spandex Complex

Owen Gleiberman can use all the polysyllabic words he can find in his thesaurus and rehash the plot in his condescendingly wry, sarcastic style, but it doesn’t hide the fact that with every misguided, off-target review that he writes, I value his opinion less and less. X-Men is the best comic-book adaptation ever made and a great, entertaining summer film. Bryan Singer has finally gotten it right! Maybe your critics are watching too many gross-out comedies to recognize a cool, character-driven yet action-filled superhero flick when they see it.

Nick Leshi

Bronx, N.Y.

‘Sunshine’ State

I was deeply saddened to learn that Walter Matthau has gone to the great New York apartment in the sky. His gigantic talent extended beyond his comic timing. Just watch the final scenes of Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys for proof. While I think that Ty Burr did a wonderful job gathering up 13 Matthau classics, I wish Boys (for which he received an Oscar nod for Best Actor) had been included. I’ve lost my favorite gruff-but-lovable uncle.

Paul S. Fish

Stow, Mass.

Brotherly Advice

Thanks for your articles on Big Brother. Ken Tucker’s review and Jamie Bufalino’s oft-comedic interview with the producers really put a face on this new series. But this show just isn’t Survivor. Here are my recommendations for spicing [it] up:

(1) Lose the host. No more Julie Chen. We’re tuning in for the participants, not the awkward, forced conversations with the host.

(2) What’s the deal with the 1-900 number to boot people off the show?! You mean I have to pay to kick somebody out? I get to do that for free with my unwanted houseguests! Make it free or make the Big Brother contestants do the work.

(3) Five nights a week?! Even Who Wants to Be a Millionaire doesn’t air that many times. Do this and a B+ show will be upgraded to an A. And that’s my vote.

Kevin Kreissl

Orlando, Fla.

Corrections: Real World Seattle was season 7. Mena Suvari’s halter top in the contents-page photo was designed by Himaya (#551/552, July 28).

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