This week's best internet quotes — James Marsden and Rebecca Romijin-Stamos talk about their 'X-Men' roles

By EW Staff
Updated August 11, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Extremely comfortable, actually. It certainly wasn’t binding! It was kind of like being naked. But we had some shoots outdoors in Toronto, where it was really cold. We worked all through the night in a forest clearing. They kept me warm between takes with a huge coat they made out of a down comforter. They kept me wrapped up in it and stuck hair dryers up the sleeves.”
X-Men‘s Rebecca Romijin-Stamos on her body-paint Mystique ”costume,” on Mr. Showbiz

”When I took the suit off, I literally had hickeys all over my body just from the tight leather. They had to lead me around sometimes because I could barely move in the costumes, and I could barely see through the visor. I didn’t feel very tough!”
X-Men‘s James Marsden on the wonders of his leather Cyclops outfit, on