Columbia Picture's Logo — Annette Bening may have inspired the makeover of the film studio's torch-bearing maiden

By Scott Brown and Angela Cason
August 11, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

With all the women on pedestals in Hollywood, life can get mighty confusing. Case in point: Since the 1993 makeover of Columbia Pictures’ logo, rumors have swirled that the torch-bearing maiden’s face is modeled on Oscar nominee Annette Bening. Not so, insists her publicist. But an inside joke in her recent comedy What Planet Are You From? blurs the issue further. VCR jockeys will notice the icon’s noggin has been swapped with the American Beauty star’s. Though no one’s taking credit for the prank, ”it’s not unprecedented,” says Fritz Friedman of Columbia TriStar Home Video, noting that Ms. Columbia turned into a pistol-packing cowgirl in Jane Fonda’s 1965 Cat Ballou and did a disco dance for 1978’s Thank God It’s Friday.