EW.com lets you in on the latest diva dispute
Jennifer Lopez
Credit: Lopez: Arnal,Bukajlo/Retna UK

She isn’t called the Queen Bitch for nothin’. Hip hop star Lil’ Kim rips into actress Jennifer Lopez — whose thriller ”The Cell” opens Aug. 18 — in the current issue of the U.K.’s Mixmag. ”I don’t care for her,” says the ribald rapper, whose sophomore album, ”The Notorious KIM,” was executive produced by Lopez’s boyfriend, Sean ”Puffy” Combs. ”I’m Puffy’s friend and I know when good people are around and I know when bad people are around, and that’s basically it. ”

Well, not all of it. Kim goes on to accuse Lopez of being a gold digger, though not the cash crazy kind. ”Being a gold digger doesn’t necessarily mean you’re after money all the time,” Kim says. ”Something can be valuable to you just like a pot of gold. It can be something else… it could be anything.” Huh?

As of press time, Kim didn’t respond to our requests to clarify her statements. And Lopez, when asked about Kim’s comments, told EW.com: ”I haven’t heard anything about it.” Nevertheless, Lopez was absent from the celeb filled Baby Phat fashion show last Thursday that both Puffy and Kim attended. And Lopez — who in the past year has become a rap video regular with cameos in clips by Big Pun and the Notorious B.I.G. — is notably missing from Kim’s chockful o’ stars ”No Matter What They Say” video, which features Puffy, along with Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, and Carmen Electra.

So far, Kim hasn’t given any reason for her bad blood with Lopez. But she was a supporter of Puffy’s former gal pal Kim Porter, with whom he had a son in ’98. Lil’ Kim once called the twosome ”the perfect Bill Cosby couple.” Hmmm… we’d love to hear what TV show she’s comparing the Combs/ Lopez pairing to. Perhaps ”Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?”

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