Bruce Fretts examines the trivia from the latest surprising episode

By Bruce Fretts
Updated August 10, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Colleen gets kicked off of ”Survivor”

Say it ain’t so! The impossibly cute Colleen got the old heave ho on the latest episode of CBS’ ”Survivor.” The sole remaining member of the Pagongs, she was targeted by ex Tagis Richard, Rudy, Susan, and Sean.

In other news: Kelly won the immunity challenge, outlasting her competitors by balancing for two hours and 54 minutes on planks. Sean prevailed in the earlier reward challenge, answering the most trivia questions (the neurologist knew you can drink kerosene to kill intestinal parasites). But he nearly cooked his own goose by telling Kelly he’d share his breakfast on a yacht with her, then changing his mind at the last minute and inviting Richard.

Those were the headlines, but let’s see how closely you were paying attention to the details — with our own ”Survivor” trivia quiz:

1. Who was the captain on the yacht?
a. Gavin MacLeod (”The Love Boat”)
b. Ernest Borgnine (”McHale’s Navy”)
c. Sean’s father, Jim Kenniff
d. Daryl Dragon (”The Captain and Tennille”)

The answer, of course, is C. Hey, even ”Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” starts with an easy one.

2. What ass related question did Sean ask the masseuse on the yacht?
a. ”Does my ass look fat?”
b. ”Does my ass make you horny, baby?”
c. ”Does my ass look as bony as it feels?”
d. ”Am I the biggest ass you’ve ever met?”

The answer, again, is C. But her answer to D no doubt would’ve been ”Yes.”

3. What abbreviation-related topic DIDN’T Susan ask Sean’s dad about?
a. the NCAA playoffs
b. the NASDAQ index
c. the war in the former USSR
d. the NASCAR results

The answer is D. Surprisingly, the trucker was less interested in racing than in Chechnya or tech stocks.

4. What song did the Survivors sing to kill time while standing on the planks?
a. ”99 Bottles of Beer”
b. ”Row Row Row Your Boat”
c. ”I Will Survive”
d. ”Eye of the Tiger” (by Survivor — get it?)

The answer is A. Although by the time they reached ”80 Bottles of Beer,” Richard was the only one left bellowing, and he thankfully soon lost his footing.

5. What gift did Kelly receive after she stepped off the planks?
a. Reebok sneakers
b. Dr. Scholl’s insoles
c. Budweiser beer
d. Ericsson mobile phone

The answer is B. And whaddya know — Dr. Scholl’s just happens to be a sponsor of ”Survivor”!

6. Who misspelled Colleen’s name during the tribal council voting?
a. Susan
b. Richard
c. Sean
d. Rudy

It’s a trick question — both C and D are correct. Sean (who intentionally wrote ”Cooleen,” explaining, ”Even though she calls me a putz. she’s a cool girl”) and Rudy (who left off the second ”l”) flunked the spelling test. Susan, of all people, got an A!