Sean tells how he plans to spend his 15 minutes of fame

Sean Kenniff
Credit: Sean: Monty Brinton

Sean Kenniff, the nipple pierced neurologist on CBS’s ”Survivor,” has been holding more negotiations lately than a Rattana team alliance. The 30 year old Long Island doctor, who stopped practicing medicine in October, has no fewer than three agents and a raft load of potential projects.

He will be a guest on Fox News Channel’s ”Web M.D.” on Aug. 26. He’s also received an offer from ”Extra!” to report on health, general news, and ”Survivor II.” He’s even taking a spot as a doctor on three episodes of ”The Guiding Light,” which begin taping Aug. 28.

Kenniff, who’ll be hitting the speaking circuit this fall at universities and med schools, is also shopping a 360 page novel called ”Skitzo,” a sexually charged medical thriller about a pair of rival psychiatrists who team up for a controversial experiment. (One sample: ”A young woman approached him. She was perhaps twenty-one years old, and Jack had never seen her before at the reservoir track. She was wearing an inside-out Champion sweatshirt that did not even come close to concealing her large breasts. Jack was virtually mesmerized as he ‘Baywatched’ her breasts bounce a little to the left, then a little to the right.”)

”God forbid this is only a ’15 minutes’ thing for me,” Kenniff tells ”I want to enjoy it and get everything I can from it.” Although he couldn’t be happier being on what he calls ”the biggest, most talked about entertainment sensation of the decade,” Kenniff also knows there’s a downside: ”Everybody I know since before high school has called me. Now I have a $700 phone bill.” Perhaps that’s because it’s so easy to reach him. ”Why would you want an unlisted phone number?” he asks. ”Until I reach Tom Cruise stature or something like that, I probably won’t be unlisted.” Perhaps he should just get one of those coconut phones.