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By Noah Robischon
Updated August 04, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Is there some connection between the digital world and funky hygiene? (Sniff around and you’ll discover that Bill Gates was once notorious for his…aroma.) If so, maybe it makes sense that perfume-eschewing Phish phans have been connecting online since way before the lyrics to ”Fluffhead” turned up on the Web. If you want to score tickets to the next off-the-map show, or just trade tapes, here’s where to start:

The Phish-formation superhighway starts right at the show: Phish steps onto a New Jersey stage, for example, and launches into ”Dog Log.” Phan Heather McLaughlin types the title into her two-way pager and zaps it to webmaster Rob Johnson. By the time McLaughlin’s on her way home, the 13,000-plus subscribers on this e-mail list receive a message from Johnson with the night’s set list.

In 1992, fans made this only the fourth Usenet newsgroup devoted to a musical act. (Tellingly, the other three belonged to the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan.) It’s still popular — hundreds of messages get posted daily — and it offers the same information as the mailing list, but all the cross talk produces a lot more distortion.

  • Since is so closely tied to the band’s management, this has become the source for rumors, gossip, and lost-and-found. (Hey, by the way, Kyle’s still looking for the prescription sunglasses he lost at Deer Creek.)
  • Boys are allowed, but this website — named after a song — was created by and for female Phish fans who wanted to meet up at shows. Read baptismal first-show testimonials or find a safe ride to the next gathering.
  • Die-hard phans rely on this free wireless e-mail service to have Phish-News set lists sent to their cells and pagers. Which completes the circle, in a phreaky way.