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By EW Staff
Updated August 04, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

Has the musket been passed? Mel Gibson shared our cover with Patriot costar Heath Ledger, setting off fireworks among many readers. ”They are both such fine-looking men, and show so much talent,” gushes Julie Jenkins of Crestline, Calif. Of course, there was that pesky historical-accuracy issue. ”[The Patriot] is no more about the American Revolution than Demi Moore’s The Scarlet Letter was about Hawthorne’s novel,” snipes Micheline Frederick of Rego Park, N.Y. Meanwhile, our report on coming movie sequels inspired Leonard Bellew of Seattle to declare: ”Until Hollywood brings a sequel to the standards of The Godfather Part II or Toy Story 2, I remain one unhappy moviegoer.” To be continued…

I was so excited to see your cover with Heath Ledger and Mel Gibson! The Patriot is the best movie I have seen in a long time. I am not typically a fan of ”war” movies, but this was absolutely astonishing. Wonderfully written, directed, and acted. Thousands of men and women lost their lives, homes, and loved ones fighting for our freedom more than 200 years ago. This movie makes me grateful to be an American! Wave that flag!
Andrea Lockwood
Albany, N.Y.

I never thought it possible for Mel Gibson to look like he was wearing more makeup than on The Patriot poster. Your cover proved me wrong.
Justin I. Green
Campbell, Calif.

After reading the article on The Patriot I have only this to say: On behalf of all the ”hairy-kneed porridge-munchers” who fought and died for both Scotland’s and America’s freedom, Mel Gibson, I salute you!
Rene Sadler
Clovis, Calif.

It may not be as interesting as amputations, but I would’ve liked to have seen a little more of The Patriot‘s budget spent on making Mel Gibson’s children age over the course of five war-torn years.
Aaron Kinney

In reading the News & Notes article about sequels, the plot for Jurassic Park III seems to be lacking. Shouldn’t the ”group of unlucky folks….marooned back on Jurassic Park island” be trying to outlast each other for $1 million?
Sandra Rudloff
Los Altos, Calif.

How critic David Browne can presume to judge 30 Odd Foot of Grunts based off one song is beyond me. Russell Crowe is what first drew me to listen to the music, but I have come to enjoy the [band’s] brand of folksy-bluesy rock & roll. Had your critic bothered to do a review based on the band’s most recent album, Gaslight, he would have realized that many of 30 Odd’s songs do, in fact, ”rock.”
Lynda Goodenough
Pflugerville, Tex.

Thankfully there is no ”MMMBop” on This Time Around. Hanson have matured in life and in their music. They are a hard-working, dedicated band. Not a manufactured, pretty-faced group of dancing boys. Hanson are maturing beautifully into a trio of exceptional harmonies and musical talent, not only with their voices but with their instruments as well. Mmmflop?! I think not!!
Cynthia Heath
Ashland, Ohio

About halfway through Croupier, I realized Clive Owen is the first actor since Sean Connery who could really ”be” James Bond. Pass it on to Barbara Broccoli.
Wade Sowers

Owen Gleiberman really missed the boat with his review of The Perfect Storm. So he didn’t get to hear his organ music in Wolfgang Petersen’s amazing film. Get over it, or better yet, go buy a CD with organ music. The Perfect Storm was amazing. I am a huge George Clooney fan, and I thought he did an excellent job, but I was also very impressed with Mark Wahlberg’s performance. These two gentlemen should always work together, and I, for one, cannot wait for Ocean’s 11.
Amy Cookson
Winthrop, Maine

Ken Tucker, it’s time to brush up on your movies! Your comments in your review of Young Americans may or may not be deserved, but your statement ”creator Steven Antin, writer of some film called Inside Monkey Zetterland” sounded like an ill-informed snub to me. Have you seen the movie? If you had, you’d be lamenting Antin’s rare screenwriting as much as I have. His show might turn out to be jail bait in a Melrose Place universe, but when you scoff at Zetterland, well, those are fightin’ words!
Shelly Parsons
Janesville, Wis.

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