In the cheesy teen thriller The In Crowd, rich equals bitch, and pretty-reformed-slut-psych-ward-survivor equals heroine. Blond starlet Lori Heuring, her upper lip so plumped à la Jolie that she can’t close her mouth, plays Adrien, a mental patient whose post-institutional regimen is to abandon all further therapy sessions and work as a lackey at a fancy country club. Brunet starlet Susan Ward plays Brittany, the self-crowned queen of the club’s young, fast, bored, cruel set, who is really…vexed that Adrien doesn’t require as much lip gloss as she does to cultivate that swollen look.

How far is Brittany willing to go to keep the new girl out of circulation? You know how far. ”It’s not a life, it’s a J. Crew catalog,” grumbles an out-crowd coworker who evidently can’t distinguish natural fibers, or body parts, from synthetic. (We, meanwhile, can hardly distinguish one toned male actor from another in Pet Sematary director Mary Lambert’s murky light.) The In Crowd isn’t a movie, it’s Gorgonzola, a crumbly summertime stinker veined with pop-cultural fungus. D

The In Crowd
  • Movie
  • 98 minutes