Advertising Misspeak -- According to ''Coyote Ugly,'' August 4th will be ''the hottest day in the year''

Call Ralph Nader! We’ve got a truth-in-advertising scandal. The omnipresent trailer for Coyote Ugly — the upcoming Piper Perabo flick about scantily clad women serving tequila — loudly promotes the film’s Aug. 4 release as ”the hottest day of the year.” True? Yeah, and costar Tyra Banks is ashamed to show her midriff. ”It’s clearly incorrect,” sniffs William Brown, a meteorologist at the National Climatic Data Center, who points out that based on a decade of national averages, the hottest day is actually July 21. A spokesman for Touchstone Pictures concedes its claim wasn’t grounded in fact. Still, the National Weather Service’s Barry Reichenbaugh adds, by way of unofficial forecast: ”It does look like a pretty hot movie.”

Coyote Ugly
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  • 94 minutes