Rachel Hunter -- The ''Style World'' host and supermodel talks about fashion

By Brian M. Raftery
July 28, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

If models are experts on anything, it’s got to be travel and clothes. That fact hasn’t escaped the savvy folks at Romance Classics, who have tapped Rachel Hunter — supermodel, actress, ex of rocker Rod Stewart — to host their new series, Style World, a globe-trotting fashion show airing Mondays at 8 p.m. But before Hunter, 29, can hit her next destination, she’ll have to make it through our tacky runway of stupid questions.

Now that you’re the travel expert, answer us this: Why are French people so uppity?
They are, aren’t they? I think they’ve got a great city, so they probably look down upon people.

Window or aisle?
Window, because I like putting my pillow against [it] and sleeping. I’m also extremely nosy and I like to look at what’s going on.

Are you as sick of pashmina as we are?
I want to vomit over pashmina. I’m so fed up with it. I do own some, but it is an accessory that is well overdone now.

Have you ever had a thong-related injury?
As far as chafing? I would say at the beginning there’s always some sort of casualty, yeah.

What’s this about you being booted from secretary school after only two weeks when you were 17?
I got fired because I always turned up late. I never turn up late for work as a professional — it’s just that [school] was boring.

CBS is taping its next Survivor in Australia. What case can you make for filming the third one in your homeland, New Zealand?
It’s a pretty rugged, down-to-earth country. You have to be physically and mentally strong to come from New Zealand, and you have to be able to drink pretty well, too.

What’s your scariest travel-related horror story?
I actually came out of Japan and had some of the worst turbulence I’ve ever had. I was pregnant with my son, and my daughter was on the floor, and literally I was looking for the life jackets. It was hideous.

What’s the worst place you ever found sand after a swimsuit issue shoot?
Oh! In my pants, especially if I’ve been in the wind and surf.

Do ya think I’m sexy?
[Pause] Do you think who’s sexy? Do I think you’re sexy? Or what do I think of the song? Uh…I think it’s probably one of the best songs written, right?

Um, never mind.