''Original Casts: The Wild Party'' and ''The Wild Party'' -- We review recordings of Michael John LaChiusa's and Andrew Lippa's musicals

Original Casts: The Wild Party

”Original Casts: The Wild Party” and ”The Wild Party”

Despite some sung passages that would be better as dialogue, both Michael John LaChiusa’s music to the recently closed Broadway show (Original Casts: The Wild Party) and Andrew Lippa’s Off Broadway version (The Wild Party) can be rewarding. LaChiusa’s more profound and varied score employs showmanly minstrel and vaudeville styles to devastating Brechtian effect. Lippa deserves praise for devising the season’s single most clever and memorable musical-comedy song, ”An Old-Fashioned Love Story,” performed with panache by Alix Korey. Original Casts: The Wild Party: B+; The Wild Party: B-

Original Casts: The Wild Party
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