Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on ''Star Wars''s new Anakin Hayden Christensen, ''Popular'''s Leslie Grossman, and more

By EW Staff
July 28, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

Happy to see the newest Anakin, Star Wars fanatics came out in force for It List cover boy Hayden Christensen (#547/548, June 30/July 7). ”He’s very talented, not to mention easy on the eyes,” coos Renee Huebert of Albuquerque, N.M. Many readers also wrote to ask why we hadn’t included Jude Law (”He would have been a better It Boy choice,” writes Frankie Paiva of Edmonds, Wash.), Christian Bale (”What about ‘It Psycho’?” asks Lisa Magliocca of Las Vegas), and don’t even get us started on the desperate pleas for Russell Crowe. What gives? Well, Bale and Law are actually It List alumni (they appeared in last year’s edition), and Crowe just graced a May cover for Gladiator. In other words: Been there, done them.

The Thrill of It
Ooh! Lord, I’ve got the vapors! When I looked into my mailbox and saw Hayden Christensen smirking on the cover of EW (The It List), my panties almost melted! I’ve been watching Higher Ground ever since it started and I’m glad he’s finally getting some attention!
Willow Summers
Daly City, Calif.

As a huge Star Wars fan, I was excited to see the new Anakin Skywalker on your cover, but isn’t naming him one of [entertainment’s] 100 most creative people a bit premature? The kid hasn’t done anything yet except land one of the most coveted roles in the world! Lucky, yes, but creative, that’s left to be seen. We should hold off calling him that until we see he can act better than Jake Lloyd.
Sean McNally
Birmingham, Mich.

Kudos once again for showing what’s cool and hot at the same time. Who knew Darth Vader was a member of ‘N Sync?
Qraig De Groot
Bloomfield, N.J.

I hope Popular‘s Leslie Grossman was joking when she questioned whether she’s ”made it yet.” No offense to her equally talented and amusing costars — and the writers who come up with all those juicy, catty one-liners — but as far as my friends and I are concerned, Grossman’s portrayal of Mary Cherry not only makes her TV’s No. 1 It girl, she is also fierce!
Mark Doctrow
New York City

Seeing a man whose main career accomplishment has been screwing a pie deemed ”It” has made me reevaluate your definition of the term. This year, the definition would seem to be generic and uninspired. Barring a few notable exceptions (John C. Reilly, Newton Thomas Sigel, and the gang at The Daily Show), the majority of your picks seemed psychic (half of these It boys and girls haven’t had a chance to prove their stuff yet) or simpleminded (James Franco as the Freaks and Geeks standout? Is this Tiger Beat?). As your It Profane Pup, Triumph, might say: ”It’s a great list…for me to poop on!”
Suzanne Scott
New York City

Bless you for featuring David Morse on your It List. Though, for someone as tall as he is, you could’ve spared more space for him. Now, if you could find your way to featuring him and Russell Crowe on the cover of your Fall Movie Preview. Mmmmmmmm: manly.
Jessie Bylander
Amery, Wis.

Role Calling
With all of the hoopla over Jeffrey Wright and Vanessa Williams playing Latino characters, why aren’t Americans ticked about Australia-raised Mel Gibson playing an American patriot and an American chicken? Because it’s called acting. For further proof, refer to Oscar-winning performances by Meryl Streep (American) as Sophie (Polish) in Sophie’s Choice and Holly Hunter (speaks) as Ada (mute) in The Piano. These efforts prove that fine performances challenge the actors to go beyond who they are, and become people they are not.
Todd Lampe
Studio City, Calif.

Monkees Trial
It amazes me how critics feel obliged to dump on the Monkees (”Prefab Four”). While manufactured for television consumption, the Monkees were a valid part of the ’60s culture, visually and musically. The fact that a TV movie has been made 30-odd years later is a testament to their longevity. I’m sure Ken Tucker would chalk this up to a foolish public who doesn’t recognize ”bad music” when they hear it. As a critic, Tucker is the poor man’s Rex Reed.
Rob Silva
Marietta, Ga.

I have met the Monkees.
I have been to Disneyland.
I watched VH1’s Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story. Now I know the true meaning of Fantasyland.
Carol Carson

Correction: We misspelled the name of real-life redcoat Banastre Tarleton (News & Notes).