Logos -- From Gloria Vanderbilt to Fendi, a quick look at the history of branded clothing

By Clarissa Cruz
Updated July 28, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

A Fendi bag by any other name would be just another impractical, elbow-banging satchel. Or so say the fashionistas who’re sporting everything from halter tops to watches adorned with designer logos. Not since the age of Jordache jeans have visible couture tags been so popular. ”It’s the pendulum swinging away from anonymous, minimalist clothes,” says What to Wear author Kimberly Bonnell. ”There’s a kind of camp irony that it didn’t have in the ’80s.” Here, the biggest name-droppers, past and present.

THE ’70S & ’80S
Gloria Vanderbilt’s swan logo migrates onto jeans, epitomizing an era of designer denim that included Jordache and Guess?

THE ’90S
You could run but you couldn’t hide from the now-universal Nike Swoosh.

Naughty by Nature’s Treach (with a Hilfiger model) does a full-frontal Tommy.

Labels for less: Lil’ Kim lets nothing come between her and the Louis Vuitton symbol.

It may fit only a cell phone and lipstick, but hipsters are eating up the Fendi baguette.