July 25, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Real World

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Now that MTV’s ”The Real World” has returned for season 9, it’ll be competing for viewer interest with TV’s latest hit reality fix, ”Survivor.” But ”World”’s producers were ready for the challenge and set this year’s show in steamy New Orleans. ”The city is incredibly tempting,” explains executive producer Jonathan Murray of the town known for Mardi Gras, public boozing, and voodoo. ”It encourages you to let it all hang out.”

We’ll see. In the season opener — set largely in the cast’s revved-up mansion home — nobody lets it hang out too much, or at least not as much as the Hawaii cast who got buck naked as soon as they saw the pool. But some cast members already seem like they have the potential to make Ruthie look like a good girl. Included this year are two stripper wannabes (Ruthie only dated a stripper) and one guy who’s sure to get a lot of heavy petting: Shorty, the mechanical dog.

Here’s EW Online’s cheat sheet to this year’s cast.

Name Danny, 22
Back Story Atlanta-based, French-speaking charmer
Look All teeth
Described in Press Release as …”irrepressibly flirtatious”
Most Potentially Annoying Trait Waaay too cute
Quote Worthy ”I have a secret.”

Name David, 21
Back Story Workout freak from Chicago’s South side projects
Look Do you even own a shirt with sleeves?
Described in Press Release as …”master of his own universe”
Most Potentially Annoying Trait Always ”on”
Quote Worthy ”Are you a playa?”

Name Jamie, 21
Back Story Rich kid from Chicago’s ritzy North side
Look Prepped out
Described in Press Release as …exuding ”all the cocky confidence and ambition that his privileged upbringing affords him”
Most Potentially Annoying Trait(s) Racist, homophobic, sexist
Quote Worthy ”Is that a politically correct word, ‘gay’?”

Name Julie, 20
Back Story Rebellious Mormon
Look Fell into the Gap
Described in Press Release as …”wide-eyed” with a ”seemingly limited frame of reference”
Most Potentially Annoying Trait All that Jewel-like guitar playing
Quote Worthy ”Boys are trouble.”

Name Kelley, 22
Back Story Arkansas native who wants to be a motivational speaker
Look Sorority chick
Described in Press Release as …having ”the self-assurance and conviction to tell it like it is”
Most Potentially Annoying Trait A budding meddler
Quote Worthy ”I need, like, constant stimulation.”

Name Matt, 21
Back Story White hip hop kid who’s saving himself for marriage
Look Psychedelic B-boy
Described in Press Release as …”known around campus as ‘Supafly”’
Most Potentially Annoying Trait Straight-edgier than thou
Quote Worthy ”Giving in to every desire or passion isn’t a good thing.”

Name Melissa, 23
Back Story A half black, half Filipino 5’2” firecracker
Look Moves too fast to tell
Described in Press Release as …a ”bundle of manic wit and humor, who thrives on boy-drama and conflict”
Most Potentially Annoying Trait Waaay too LOUD!
Quote Worthy ”I wanna grab somebody’s butt.”

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