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By EW Staff
Updated July 21, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Mail from our readers

Another Jim Carrey movie, another chicken in someone’s butt. And EW readers can’t get enough of the 15-time cover boy. ”I just saw Me, Myself & Irene and had tears coming from my eyes. Jim Carrey is without a doubt the funniest, most talented actor-comedian of our time or any time. His every gesture, expression, and eye movement speaks volumes,” says Joe Laspina of Tulare, Calif. In other mail, the premise of the Wanted! TV show struck Rob Brown of Marysville, Calif., as a bit fishy. ”Hmmm, [Wanted!] seems like The Running Man, the original Stephen King book,” Brown theorizes. ”May I suggest Richard Dawson for hosting duties?” Survey says: As long as he doesn’t kiss the contestants.

Jim Shot
While browsing in the bookstore for the new EW, I caught a glimpse of issue #546 out of the corner of my eye and thought, ”Wow, Steve Buscemi made the cover!” It only speaks well of Jim Carrey’s broad appeal that I was not disappointed when I realized I’d made a mistake.
David Roche
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Major kudos to Chris Nashawaty for his well-written piece about Jim Carrey. While the article showed the always laughable antics of Carrey, it also showed his soft side and realism. I urge every reader to watch Me, Myself & Irene, [a] funny and compelling movie. Only Jim Carrey could have pulled off Charlie and Hank with such finesse.
Sarah Lowrance
Mason City, Iowa

  • Cindy Woo-Hoo
  • I have three words to describe Cindy Margolis: Oh, my God! Or as my daddy used to say: ”Good Googlie Mooglie.” Or: Damn, she’s fly. If you want one-word definitions: Incredible, fantastic — I could go on forever. Thank you. This issue will not be thrown away.
  • Toby Woodard
  • Queens Village, N.Y.

Changing Times
Jim Mullen’s hot sheet about Celine Dion and her ”elderly” husband [included] a cruel comment about her having to change two sets of diapers. EW is getting good at insulting fans and celebs alike.
Robyn Giacoletti
Bisbee, Ariz.

Get Bruce
Thank you so much for including Jack of All Trades in your ”Screen Saviors” article. It is so hard to find other people who appreciate Bruce Campbell for his ability-to-turn-anything- into-camp style. The show is pure fun and games. What other show on TV has Verne Troyer appearing as a flying Napoleon, a talking parrot named Jean-Claude, and a French governor with a cow puppet named Mr. Nipples that is more than a little reminiscent of Mr. Hat?
Mary Brungardt
Overland Park, Kan.

Cop Rocked
So the president of the New York State Fraternal Order of Police says Bruce Springsteen is a ”floating fag” for his song about Amadou Diallo? I’ve never been a huge Springsteen fan, but he earned my respect by handling himself with a lot more grace than the NYPD.
Christopher McDavid
Albuquerque, N.M.

Moronic Convergence
Thanks for your dissertation on the latest, most egregious wave of moron TV (”Keepin’ It Real”) to keep slack-jawed troglodytes mesmerized and paralyzed. It re-re-reinforces the inevitability that once The Simpsons ends its run, I won’t need my television set except as a monitor for watching DVDs.
Russ Lindway
Seven Hills, Ohio

Of Human Bond-age Thanks to your ”Double-O Sexy” file, I spent the afternoon giving my friends Bond-girl names. Then I tried a few EW left off:
— Doris Day: Body Sinmotion? Naw! She’d be more Puppy Galore.
— Dolly Parton: Slappy Goodtime. Yeah, I can dig it.
— Richard Simmons: Anita Mandalay. No comment.
Then I wondered about surname-deprived celebrities:
— Prince: Lemmy Lickett. Only as long as it’s purple.
— Cher: Uda Kister. Yeah, I guess you woulda.
— Madonna: Ida Dunner. Naw, too many have.
And then I wondered about the D.C. crowd:
— Hillary Clinton: Eezy Aspye. I don’t think so!!
— Monica Lewinsky: Amanda Hugginkiss. Well, almost a cigar.
And then I submitted Bill Clinton’s name. It came up Heywood Jablomy!!
Damn, you guys are good!!!
Hope Shilldumi (a.k.a. Bob Canning)
Petaluma, Calif.

Corrections: New Orleans artist John Lawson created the beaded mural pictured in Julie and Kelley’s The Real World bedroom. Ellen Barkin and Ron Perelman were married on June 28.

Me, Myself & Irene

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