Domain Names -- ''Survivor,'' ''Shaft,'' ''ER,'' and others don't have the internet addresses you'd expect

By Will Lee
July 21, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Not every big-time movie and TV show is master of its domain…name. Case in point: CBS’ Survivor, which fans would putatively find online at Problem is, the above site is for money-management program developer Survivor Software. (FYI: The show’s at The company’s frazzled webmaster said traffic had gone from about 600 to more than 80,000 hits last month. Further instances of the perils of imprecise Web surfing follow.
Not the Samuel L. Jackson update, but ”The ultimate penis and parts resource center” with info on ”male enhancement.” Presumably to help you get all the chicks. (Try
Not NBC’s drama, but Ohio-based Essential Research, Inc., specializing in compound semiconductors. Bookmark this page, stat! (Click on
Not Kevin Bacon’s upcoming thriller, but a rock band that has gotten ”substantial airplay on Sacramento radio stations.” (Check out
Not the Central Perk pack, but a dating service whose featured single this week is a self-proclaimed ”good-looking lady.” Take that, Rachel. (Look at